Do I need my own set of headphones?


Do I have to be in the same room as my partner?

Yes! SoundTrip is all about connecting with another person, so being face-to-face is key.

What kind of headphones should I use?

Earbuds work best and the hard plastic ones are better than the noise-canceling gummy ones.

How many people can play at once?

Each episode is designed for two active participants. However, any size group can listen along. Observers can select either character’s track and sync play with the Trippers.

It makes for a devilishly fun game night: you can choose different duos to perform each episode and have the observers listen along to the private thoughts of either one of the characters, while the Trippers bring those thoughts, words, and actions to life. Then you can even swap performers/characters for another take! 


How do I sync my track with my partner's?

A countdown from three can help to sync play. Once the tracks begin, you’ll hear three beeps; nodding your heads along to your beeps will show you quickly whether your tracks are properly lined up.

Some have had success with appointing one person to handle both devices. This person can press both play buttons and then hand back their partner’s phone to get started.

What does "place your chairs at a 45 degree angle" mean?!

Start with two chairs facing one another. Then, turn each one slightly to your real (or imagined) audience, so they are at the halfway point between facing each other and facing straight on to the audience.

 (Still unclear? At 1:07 in the “How To” video, you’ll see the Trippers place their chairs in the correct orientation.)


One episode intro track asks the Trippers to get down on the floor but I'm not physically able to do that. Can I still do the episode?

Absolutely. Anytime there’s a physical cue that you’re unable to perform, don’t hesitate to modify! If lying on the floor is tricky, feel free to plop down on the couch instead.

Do I have to repeat the dialogue exactly as prompted?

Timing is crucial with SoundTrip. Each episode is painstakingly designed to line up perfectly, creating a fully realized scene. Small tweaks to “make it your own” are fine, but don’t stray too far off script or you won’t get the full SoundTrip experience.

Is there a SoundTrip app?

Not yet, but stay tuned…

Where do I find the episodes?

You can access the orientation track and all of our current episodes via the “Episodes” page on our website, on our Instagram page, or through podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify!

Is this experience for suitable for kids?

The content of some episodes is fairly mature. Several deal with serious or scary themes and some adult language is used, trippers discretion is advised.

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